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Basic stuff that you want to know:
Fav color: Sky blue
Fav food: Mainly Asian food
Love: Watching anime, reading manga, listen to kpop
What my blog mostly has: EXO (mainly Tao)




This is like installing Windows on a Mac.

I am physically required to reblog this or my heart will stop beating.

oh my god


This one is definitely AU. Lol It’s smut, but with a bit of a soft touch? I didn’t wanna think too hard about the actual details about the supernatural bit, so let’s just call it fantasy and leave it at that.

Funny that I should write a more winter-themed scenario in the middle of summer. =_=;

Rating: M

You were lost in a world of white; heavy mist couldn’t let you see very far and the snow had risen above your ankles. The wintery weather had trapped you inside of your home for quite some time, which had built up a yearning for you to venture out to take a breath of fresh air. But not just a moment to step out and take in a few gulps of air; no, you wanted it in its purest form after breathing in the suffocating stuffiness of your home for weeks. The forest close to your home was an enchanting, mysterious ground you had yet to fully explore, and the beauty of it lured you into its vastness you would soon discover, held many dark secrets.

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sehun & tao having the time of their lives.

Exo on Facebook - Chapter 3.5 (AKA the stupidity that happens in between chapters)

Pertaining to superpowers, superpowers, and more superpowers.

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Exo on Facebook - Chapter 4

Pertaining to math, pets, and fanclubs.

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